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Orchestra Information Handout

The White Rock Community Orchestra Society is a community based, non-profit organization comprised of strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments performing for over 30 years in the local community. We play symphonic works of the great composers, traditional, theatrical, Broadway, and holiday music. The orchestra rehearses on Saturday mornings at the Masonic Hall, 15302 Pacific Ave, White Rock, 9:30-11:30 AM, September through early June.

As a community based orchestra, performances are held at seniors' residences, hospitals, and other venues in the Lower Mainland, during December, May, and June. At least twice a year, performances are open to the public as fundraisers for maintenance of the orchestra.

The Name of the Society is: The White Rock Community Orchestra Society. The society may carry out its duties as The White Rock Community Orchestra, White Rock Orchestra, White Rock Symphony.

The Purpose of the Society is to:

  1. Maintain a concert orchestra
  2. Provide benefit concerts for various community groups, organizations, and to seniors' homes and hospitals.
  3. Facilitate training, equipment, and facilities for members of the Society who wish to improve their musical skills through orchestra rehearsals and concerts.
  4. Advance knowledge and appreciation of concert music and the musical arts within the community
  5. Be a charitable organization which may receive bequests and donations of every kind and description whatsoever and hold, control and administer, and deal with property of every kind, whether real or personal and whatever situate.

Active Members are musicians who are qualified under the By Laws and have paid the annual membership dues. The membership year is current with the fiscal year. Each active member of good standing will be issued current music.

Dues and Expenditures are payable by March 1st each year. Expenditure of funds will be for general operation, projects, and activities and acquisitions as approved in the Fiscal Budget by the membership.

Executive Officers of the Society are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are four elected Directors. These eight individuals constitute the Executive Board.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held each new year prior to March.

A Nominating Committee appointed by the Executive Board will receive nominations starting in January of the new year. In addition, nomaintions may be received fromthe floor at the Annual General Meeting

Committees will include, but are not limited to, Library, Property, Social, Concert Planning, Publicity, and Website Maintenance.

The Conductor/Music Director will include directing/conducting rehearsals and performances and selecting music for the same. Suggestions of music proposed by the membership will be considered.

Adjunct or Subsidiary Musical Groups are considered as two (2) to ten (10) Active Members forming a secondary musical group under the auspices of the White Rock Community Orchestra Society. Approval of the Executive Board is required.