Past Conductors

Gladys and Frank Muir Gladys and Frank Muir were the original founders of the orchestra, in the early 1970’s when the name was “The Silver Comets”. The original orchestra consisted of about ten members, and played at the newly opened Kent Seniors Activity Centre. Gladys was the orchestra’s pianist util retiring from the keyboard in her early 90’s. She also directed the White Rock Singers, who performed with the orchestra.
Tom Carroll Mr. Carrol worked with the Muirs, also helping conduct during the early years.
William Gratch, Mr Gratch's first concert was Dec. 1973, when the name was changed to “The Kent Centre Activity Orchestra.” Mr. Gratch passed away in September, 1980. He was also a professional violinist of great talent
Tom Landers

Mr. Landers took over from interim conductor Fred Binning after Mr. Gratch passed away in 1980. He was an experienced professional musician, teacher, and a graduate of the National University of Dublin.

During his years with the orchestra, during the mid 1980’,s Mr. Landers involved educational and musical experience for students and adults of all ages, which began the gradual evolution of the orchestra away from being a primarily “seniors’” organization.

Charles Cuthbert He took over for Tom Landers, whose eyesight and hearing were failing. Exact years of service are not available, but he was conducting in 1991, with The White Rock Singers, who were directed by Gladys Muir. He was still with us in 1996.
Felix Markey Mr. Markey, an accomplished bass clarinetist, served as conductor for a short time, but left due to personal reasons.
Richard Epp 1998 - 2007
Jeffrey Chow 2007/2008. Mr. Chow spent seven months with the orchestra from November 2007 to May 2008.
Roger Wecker September 2008 - June 2015
Stuart Martin September 2015 - June 2016